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Our friends over at NeoLAB Convergence excitedly announced their new product, known as the Neo Smartpen N2 with presentations and demos at CE Week NY 2015. The Neo Smartpen is sure to revolutionize academics, with the ability to upload notes from your notebook directly to Google Drive and other mobile devices.

The idea of the simple pen and paper is becoming a thing of the past. Statistically, more students in colleges and universities are inclined to take lecture and reading notes on their laptop, iPad, or tablet. Technology is becoming an integral part of the learning process, especially with the installment of high tech projectors and SMART boards. The ability to send and receive notes through new technological devices and applications is revolutionizing academia, putting simple looseleaf companies virtually out of business.

The newest upgrade to technological academics is the Neo Smartpen. With the appearance of a regular pen, the Neo Smartpen holds a single tube of ink and the physical capability of putting ink to paper. However, it doesn’t stop there. NeoLab Convergence has developed their own brand of notebooks and paper in various sizes and styles. When combined with the smart paper, the Neo Smartpen instantly sends notes, drawings, and more to a Google Drive across any iOS or Android device via the Neo Notes app. A student now has the ability to take physical notes while also instantly transferring them digitally. The digital notes can then be sent to another device via e-mail, Dropbox, Evernote, Illustrator, and Google Drive or even transferred to computer text and stored in the device’s files. Another feature of the Neo Notes app is the ability to record. Now, with the permission of his/her professor of course, a student may take notes while simultaneously recording a lecture for later use and as a study aid.

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The Neo Smartpen N2 is now available for purchase on amazon for around $169. Stay tuned for a full review of the Neo Smartpen N2 equipped with the full design and available features of the product!


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