Fossil's Q54 Pilot smartwatch. (PRNewsFoto/Fossil)
Fossil’s Q54 Pilot smartwatch

Fossil launched their line of wearables last Fall, in 2015, but now they are expanding on that line. This time around they are digging back into their roots, introducing the Fossil Q54 Pilot. It is analog watch with no LED screen, instead it has smart features including step tracking and an LED color coded notification system. Along with the introduction of the Q54 Pilot, Fossil is showing off some new straps and enhancements to the Fossil Q companion application.

The Fossil Q54 Pilot was designed using the original Pilot 54 case and chronograph movements, it creates a timeless design out of stainless steel. It has a touch of vintage aviation in terms of design and really does look fantastic. Fossil has chosen not to use a touch screen on this watch, but they evoke a classic watch design with the Q54.

It features a full analog design with smart features, in fact it presents you with LED color-coded or buzz notifications. These can be from applications, contacts, and keywords; Plus it will track steps, calories, and will prompt you with weekly curiosity challenges. The Q54 Pilot is engineered with Intel Innovation and will be compatible with both Android and iOS.

Fossil’s Q54 Pilot will be launching in the early Spring with a price point in between $175 and $215. The Q54 Pilot will be available with a stainless steel band or a leather band. Fossil has a designed a very good-looking and quite affordable smart watch with the Q54 Pilot.

Along with the launch of the Q54 Pilot, Fossil has announced version 1.1 of the Fossil Q companion application. This updates brings with it several new features and enhancements to the application. Fossil has updated the refresh rate of data coming into the application, now when you open it up it will display the very latest step total. You can now choose steady, echo and rapid as your vibration patterns; Plus you can add and change your profile photo from within the application.

Fossil has added four new languages to the Fossil Q companion application, those being Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch and Italian. New applications are now supported as well, this will let you do more with your Fossil Q wearables. Delta, Misfit, PayPal, Tinder, and Venom are just a few of the 17 new applications that now work with Q Notifications. This brings the number of applications that work with this feature to 50.

Lastly, Fossil wants to give owners of their Q line of wearables the ability to customize the look of their watches. They are showing off several new watch bands that will go on sale later this month, including seaglass and blush for women and silicone stripes in grey and navy for men.

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Fossil's Q54 Pilot smartwatch. (PRNewsFoto/Fossil)
Fossil’s Q54 Pilot smartwatch



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