I’m sure many of you remember the 2004 musical comedy, School of Rock, starring Jack Black. This critically acclaimed Box Office hit was nominated for multiple awards, it introduced us to iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove, and spanned a hit musical of the same name. Well, Dewey Finn and all of his students are back, on Nickelodeon’s new series School of Rock!

The first episode, Come Together, introduces us to the students of William B. Travis Preparatory School. The plot unfolds right away, when teacher Ms. Calpakis breaks her knee and is replaced by Mr. Finn, played by Tony Cavalero. From the start, the students love his alternative teaching style, which includes eating donuts and rocking out to William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 137. However, they soon realize that Mr. Finn may not be the teacher they thought he was. From there, the hilarity ensues.

Overall, Come Together is an enjoyable kick-off to this new series. It is sure to please fans of the 2004 film and new audiences alike. Fans of the film may be disappointed that Jack Black has not returned to play Dewey Finn; however, Tony Cavalero has just the right amount of enthusiasm and humor to bring the role to life to a new audience. Rock music fans are sure to appreciate the references to Rock n’ Roll legends, including Eric Clapton and Nirvana, and the hit songs scattered throughout the episode.

Nickelodeon’s School of Rock is sure to be a hit in your family home. Stay tuned for its premiere on 9:30 PM after the 2016 Kid’s Choice Awards!


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