Withings Go with paired app

A new automatic activity tracker, Withings Go, proves to be a useful but rather simple device. If you are not the best with technology, there is no need to worry. This device requires minimal set up and is easy to use. Personally, I am not known to be great when it comes to working technology. However, the directions are easy to follow and it took only minutes to complete the set up.

Withings Go is paired with its own free application for Apple and Android users called Withings Health Mate. This application displays how many steps you have taken throughout the day, automatically detects running, and helps you track your sleep cycle. While the app does not go in depth, I found that it provided me with enough information to keep me fully up-to-date on my daily activities. Before testing out this device, I have been interested in my sleep cycle in particular. With this new device, I am now able to track my sleeping patterns. Not only does it show me my light sleep and my deep sleep cycles, but it also tells me how long it takes me to fall asleep and how many times I woke up throughout the night. I have found this information useful and helpful in adjusting my sleep cycle.

While I can’t say much about the swim tracker aspect of Withings Go because I have not swam since I started using it, I do where this device while I workout. It easily detects when I run, however, I have to manually input any other activity that I do (elliptical, yoga, biking, etc.). This means that the device does not portray my workouts as accurately as it could and there are times when I have to estimate the calories that I burned.

In terms of style, I have been wearing the Withings Go as a watch. It is not nearly as stylish as other activity trackers, but I do not mind wearing it. In fact, I actually get asked about it quite frequently. The screen shows my progress throughout the day in the form of tick marks. I wish it had more functions available—even a function such as displaying the time. Although this device can be worn in many different ways such as in your pocket, as a watch, or on a keychain, it seems that it is easiest to use and keep track of when worn as a watch. I felt I did not even have a choice but to where it this way considering the clothes that I wear to work usually do not have pockets. I have been using the black Withings Go, however, there are other color options available for purchase (blue, green, red, yellow).

If you are looking for a simple activity tracker, I would say that this is the device for you. It does not require much maintenance and the battery lasts for up to 8 months. While this device did not have every function I was hoping for, it does the trick and effectively tracks my activity and sleep schedule. The Withings Go now sells for $79.95 and can be purchased on www.withings.com.


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