Verizon is letting concerned Note7 customers switch to another device

The carriers are trying to make up for Samsung's not-so-good handling of the Note7's never ending battery issues.


Galaxy Note 7Samsung is having a rough time with Note7 and customers have a right to be concerned. Even the models that were deemed safe and that customers had to wait to exchange, might not be all that safe. A model that was considered safe started smoking on a Southwest flight earlier this weekend even burnt the carpet on the airplane. In response to all these issues, Samsung has done a pretty awful job with helping customers, but now the carriers are trying to help out.

In response to the safe models not being safe and a botched recall, Verizon will let customers have the safe Note7 will be able to exchange it for another smartphone. This means customers can opt for a Pixel, Pixel XL, or even get an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Verizon will be releasing more details on this exchange process later today.