Photo Courtesy Of WKYT.
Photo Courtesy Of WKYT.

While Samsung has deemed the Galaxy Note7 a safe device with the newer models, but this week alone there have been a minimum of 4 cases of the device catching fire. It is important to note these are the replaced versions–meaning that a customer brought in their recalled device and was given a new Note7. At this point, Samsung should put the safety of their customers over their profits and cancel the device.

As a result of the “safe” Note7 catching on fire, AT&T has announced today they are stopping all sales of the device. Furthermore, the carrier is asking customers with a Note7 to bring the device in and to exchange it for another smartphone.

AT&T has made this decision just hours after it was learned that Samsung knew of a Note7 catching on fire, that sent the owner to the hospital, but choose not to let other customers know. It also appears that the Samsung representative tried to slow down the process of fixing the issue for this customer.

At this point, Samsung has had my opportunities to fix this, but failing to report of another incident and trying to slow down the customer service process for this customer is uncalled for. I hope that T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, BestBuy, and all other locations that offer the Note7 will make the right call and stop selling the device.


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