The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show has brought with it many new products from old companies and young startups. Alchema is a new home cider and wine maker that is connected. It can take fruit and make it hard cider, mead, and wine.

Each Alchmea comes with the unit itself as well as a pitcher, 3-packs of yeast, and recipes through the connected application. This connected application will suggest recipes and help you through the making process. Inside the Alchema you have a built-in weight sensor that will tell you how much of each ingredient you need. The entire fermentation process is handled for you through a specialized monitor.

You can also see the process of fermentation and the countdown until you can enjoy you drink through the Alchema mobile application for iOS and Android. The Alchema itself uses WiFi to get its connection, this way you can monitor it from anywhere.

You can pre-order Alchema now for a discounted price $429, but there is a select number of units available for this price. After this, it jumps back up to the normal price of $499. Alchema is slated to begin shipping in the Fall of 2017.

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