As you may know, incents and candles have a relaxing notion to them, espically if the scent brings back nostalgia with the user. Well, Sensorwake wants to help you sleep better through scents and is introducing Oria. This is a connected product that will let you choose from different aromas that it will spread throughout your bedroom.

It is not a large product as it was designed to be non-intrusive and to be relatively simple. Oria, the unit itself, features a slot in the back that you can put two aromas in it. The technology here is then a fan that will send the scent throughout your room–it is that simple.

Sensorwake worked with Givaudan to design the fragrances. The end results are one scent that will let you relax and then fall asleep, while the second scent is design to help you stay asleep. The first scent is an aroma of powdered rose, peach, and pear. The second scent evokes fresh linen with notes of soap and sandalwood. Even better each of these fragrance capsules should last for two months with daily use. While this first generation is very simple, the second generation will connect with sleep trackers.

Sensorwake plans to release Oria this Summer for $149.

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