The Keurig changed up coffee making as it was an easy to use single cup serving machine. D-Vine was called the Keurig for wine, and this year at CES 2017 the D-Vine Connect is being unveiled. The company behind this smart Wine Bar is 10-Vins, a French startup.

10-Vins D-Vine Connect is a single glass wine serving machine. Instead of K-Cups like the Keurig, you get different wine packs, which are large. You insert this into the D-Vine Connect, and it will prepare a glass of wine for you.

The connected part has to do with some new features. They embedded a tablet into the machine, and it will guide you through preparing your wine. It will act as a bar tender and will learn your preferences over time. This will allow the D-Vine Connect to suggest Wines and pairing for you.

10-Vines expects the D-Vine Connect to ship next year, yes in 2018. But the first D-Vine will be launching in select cities in 2017 for home use.

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