The clock has hit 9 PM EST on November 22nd and like clockwork, Black Friday deals are starting to go into affect. In a surprise move, it would appear that Bruce Springsteen’s Live Downloads are getting the treat of a 50% off sale for Black Friday and it might even go into Cyber Monday.

Shows that typically come in at $10 for MP3’s are just under $5 and higher quality FLAC files are coming in at just $12.49. This is a pretty solid deal that stretches across MP3’s, Lossless, HD-Audio, DSD, CD, and CD+MP3 variants. And this discount appears to be for the entire library of Springsteen archive shows.

This library stretches all the way back to 1975 and includes more recent shows from the 2017 Australian tour and The River Tour 2016. You can check out the entire library at and let us know in the comments below what you pick up!



  1. You got the price for FLAC wrong – not 12.48 but 6.49 according to the pic, and you got the address for the web store wrong. It’s

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