The two prominent features that were thus far missing from iOS 11 were iMessage in the Cloud and Apple Pay Cash. And with iOS 11.2 is packing not just bug fixes, but the public release of Apple Pay Cash is on-board. We have a full hands-on with it coming soon, but I have been using it for several weeks, and it works quite well.

Setting up Apple Pay Cash is brilliantly simple, and unlike Venmo or Square Cash, it is integrated throughout the operating system. You can access it in iMessage, via the contacts app, via a predictive text bubble, or through Siri. For now, Apple Pay Cash is only available in the United States. And after setup, you can use the Apple Pay Cash in Wallet to pay for goods, can send money to friends and family, and then even transfer it to your bank.

Along with Apple Pay Cash, you get faster wireless changing–owners of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or the iPhone X might have noticed a difference in charging times. 11.2 makes the charging experience quicker, and it is a nice update. You will also get many bug fixes, which will help with older iPhones, along with 2017’s new models. Apple’s iOS 11.2 is available for eligible devices now.


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