Lyft the friendly peer-to-peer ride sharing service is expanding, yes they are adding more cities again. They first started off in one city, San Fransisco, then they expanded to 20 cities in 2014, then they went to 36 cities and today they are adding another 24 cities. This means Lyft is now available in 60 cities, as of April 24th 2014. Yes, they did launch 24 cities in 24 hours on the 24th. One of those cities is Northern New Jersey and in the gallery below, you can see the full details on the area. Lyft is the friendly peer-to-peer ride sharing service as you are invited to sit in the front seat, you can pick the music, you might even get snacks, and most importantly they strive for a great experience. 

The experience begins with the mobile application, once you request the pick up you see a photo of the driver, a photo of the vehicle, an ETA of the arrival, and you can see them on the map. You will know when they are there via the pink mustache on the front of the vehicle. Rates can be much less than other services, Lyft has already done spring price cuts, but  they are also lowering prices by another 10 percent across the board during this busy season. Plus for 2 weeks in all of these 24 new cities, Lyft will be offering free rides, other wise known as the Lyftapalooza. Safety is key part of Lyft, the drivers and vehicles have to go through rigorous safety checks, Lyft provides an insurance policy, and more. You Can See The Full List Of The 24 New Cities, By Clicking Here. You can see a nice gallery with some photos from the Northern NJ Lyft area below, plus a video as well.



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