Misfit is working Swarovski as they have just announced the world’s first solar-powered wearable at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. This exclusive collection is made up by two new wearable products and nine sparkling accessories designed by both Swarovski and Misfit.

The Swarovski Shine Collection incorporates the heritage and what Swarovski is known for, but instills it in Misifit’s leading wearable technology. The collection is something that new, inviting, modern, and gorgeous. The two new wearable are fully waterproof and make up the core of the collection. The first is a clear  Swarovski Shine that has a crystal face, the second is a violet Swarovski Shine that has energy crystal technology. Energy Crystal allows it to have solar charging, essentially providing power for itself. It is the worlds first wireless wearable that is solar-powered. These two new wearable feature Misfit’s technology that tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep quality and duration.

The new Swarovski Shine Collection is available for pre-order now from Misfit’s online store. Stay Tuned To NJTechReviews For More Coverage Of The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show!

Press Release

Swarovski and Misfit Introduce World’s First Solar-Powered Wearable

LAS VEGAS, NV January 5, 2015 – Misfit, maker of wearable and smart home products, today announced Swarovski Shine, an exclusive collection of two new wearable products and nine unique, sparkling accessories, developed and designed by Swarovski and Misfit.

The Swarovski Shine Collection reinterprets iconic Swarovski jewelry and introduces brand-new designs, all incorporating Swarovski’s signature crystal and Misfit’s wireless activity and sleep tracking technology, for a collection that is glamorous, modern, and versatile.

Two new, fully waterproof wearables comprise the core of the Collection: 1) a clear Swarovski Shine with a brilliant crystal face and 2) a violet Swarovski Shine which uses a patented “energy crystal” technology to allow for efficient solar charging on a small surface to power itself. The latter is the world’s first wireless activity and sleep tracker that utilizes an energy harvesting technology to eliminate need for charging or replaceable batteries. Users simply expose Swarovski Shine to light to keep it charged.

Both designs feature a large faceted crystal integrated into Misfit’s hardware, and automatically track steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep quality and duration.

“Shine is the first truly fashion forward activity tracker, and Swarovski leads the way in the fashion jewelry and accessories market globally. This collaboration pushes the envelope as to how beautiful technology can be,” said wearables designer and author of Fashioning Tech, Syuzi Pakhchyan.

The Collection is now available for pre-order in the US exclusively on misfit.com, and will be for sale this spring in Swarovski retail locations in the US, Hong Kong, and China and on Swarovski.com. The Collection is available for viewing at International CES at the Misfit booth (#73521, Tech West Sands Expo).


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