Misfit has just unleashed the Bolt, a new smart bulb that does the usual connected light bulb stuff, along with a very cool feature. This is Misfit second smart home product, essentially it is a wirelessly connected color-changing light bulb, it is similar to the Phillips Hue connected bulbs in this respect. But, Misfit has incorporated a very unique feature to make this quite compelling, not to mention they under cut the cost of the Phillips Hue by a large amount as well.


You can choose from millions of colors or make a unique light scape based on photos you choose from, the Bolt can be very customized. The neatest feature has to be its integration with Misfit’s sleep sensing products. It can use this data to gently wake you up with sunrise simulation during the lightest stage of sleep. It connects to the sleep tracking function on the Shine, Flash, and Beddit. Misfit has looked past just the simple idea of a connected bulb, and by integrating it with this data, it can create a very unique and cool experience for the customer.


The Bolt itself is made out of glass dome with a light diffusion coating, this enables wide-angle light dispersion. The core aluminum body double as a heat sink, to make sure there are not hot spots on the bulb. The Bolt is a warm white light, but can be customized to almost any color to set the scene. Unlike many other smart bulbs, the Bolt does not need a smart home to work. It will be controlled via the Misfit Home application, which is coming to both iOS and Android. You can also control the Bolt via Logitech Harmony Home remote and application. The Bolt is available for pre-order starting today from Misfit’s online store for $49.99. Stay Tuned To NJTechReviews For More Coverage Of The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show!


Press Release

Misfit Launches New Smart Bulb

LAS VEGAS, NV January 6, 2015 – Misfit, makers of Shine and Flash fitness and sleep monitors, today launched their second smart home product, Misfit Bolt, a wirelessly connected color-changing light bulb that lets users personalize their home lighting.

With Bolt, users can transform their environment by choosing from millions of color combinations, or create beautiful lightscapes from premade scenes or scenes based on photos they choose. Bolt can also be used in combination with Misfit’s sleep sensing products to gently wake the user with a sunrise simulation during her lightest stage of sleep.

Bolt is constructed from a glass dome with a proprietary light-diffusion coating to enable wide-angle light dispersion with no hot spots, and a gorgeous aluminum body that doubles as a heat sink. A warm white light, Bolt is bright enough for everyday lighting while also being able to make a bold statement in any room with its color changing features. Unlike other smart bulbs on the market, Bolt does not require a hub and is easy to set up.

“For us, a smart light bulb is not just a vessel for electronic components. It was about enabling our connection to light from darkness. Bolt gives a new twist to an ordinary light source and turns it into a memorable experience,” said Diana Chang, lead designer for Bolt.

Bolt can be controlled with the Misfit Home app, to be released on iOS and Android. Bolt is compatible with the sleep sensing functionality of Misfit Shine, Flash, and Beddit, letting users wake up in their lightest stage of sleep. Users will also be able to control Bolt using Logitech’s Harmony Home remote and app.

Priced at $49.99, Misfit Bolt is now available for pre-order on Misfit.com and is on display at International CES at the Misfit booth (#73521, Tech West Sands Expo).


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