Gamescom 2015 is in full swing and Xbox had there press conference earlier this morning. One of the biggest features being added to the Xbox One, will be a new DVR or digital video recording functionality. This feature will come as a subscription free service sometime in 2016, so it is not going to be readily available.

The Xbox One DVR will be limited to over-the-air or free-to-air TV content as well, so it will not be as feature filled as a Tivo or the DVR from your cable company. You will be able to set recordings from the go, watch your recordings on the go, as well as schedule recordings live. To enable the feature you will simply plug an external hard drive into the console and choose which content to record.

A unique feature of this will be the ability to stream recordings to other devices, like Windows 10, or via the Xbox One SmartGlass app on iOS and Android. This will let your access content in a pretty nice format from where ever you are. If you have a Windows 10 phone, tablet, or PC you can download the recorded show to your device. This will allow you to watch it while you don’t have an internet connection, perfect for when you are on an airplane.

The Xbox One DVR feature seems pretty nice, the only purchase you will have to make is to get the necessary hardware and then the DVR functionality will come free. Microsoft has not given an exact release date for the Xbox One DVR, but it should be coming in 2016.



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