The wireless, portable gaming system with a unique design known as the Nintendo 2Ds just got bigger and better with the announcement of a new price cut. Not only does the price cut shave $30 off the original price of $130 but it also comes with a few perks that will make the games fan base of all ages very excited.

Launched in October 2013, the Nintendo 2Ds goes away from the elaborate features of past Nintendo models such as the shell-like design and usage of 3D and stays with the basics which makes it a great system for first time gamers as well as gamers of all ages. The system popularly known as being “kid friendly” is now a better bang for your buck with the announcement that a popular children gaming franchise title will be included.

Mario Kart 7  will be included with the purchase of the 2DS, via a digital download code. Just in time for the start of the school year and the holiday season, the Nintendo 2Ds is looking more and more like the lead video game option for all young gamers as well as those trying to get a good bargain for its buck.

Plus, coming on August 21st, there will be yet another title available for the portable console. Little Battlers eXperience  will be dropping for the 2DS and will let you build, customize, and of course battle robots. This title is based off of a television series and a physical product that will let kids make robots using kits. Even better, in the game you will be able to wirelessly battle your friends who also have the title for the 2DS, and even if they have the 3DS.

The new $99.99 recommended price for the Nintendo 2DS will be kicking in to effect on August 30th!


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