On June 12th 2015 YouTube previewed its brand feature named “YouTube Gaming” and that feature has finally launched. This new platform offers a plethora of opportunities for both gamers and viewers of these gaming channels that have made YouTube very popular for gaming over the years. But now YouTube will dedicate a site along with a mobile app just for gaming.

Users such as “Pewdiepie”, who has racked up more than 38 million subscribers, have made YouTube one of the most popular platforms for gamers to upload its material to. The company is now taking the next step to help solidify itself as the world’s most popular outlet for gamers to upload its content. This step will come in the form livestreams along with the YouTube Gaming site just for gaming channels.

This is the first time we have seen them build a fully separate site for one specific category of content that the creators make. This gaming section will also now put them in direct competition with the popular live streaming service Twitch.

The site features will be videos and livestreams for more than 25,000 individual games. Each game will have their own landing page which will make it easy for users of the site to search for the game they want to see. YouTube’s biggest focus of this new site will be the livestreaming. Features of the live broadcasting will include DVR Functionality, automatic converting of streams and easy access to lives streams through just simply copying and pasting the streams link. Google is putting a big focus on livestreaming to help itself compete with sites such as Twitchtv which are known for its livestreaming.

YouTube gaming should add excitement for gamers and their fans as now the site known for the storage of videos is adding livestreaming in the form of a site dedicated just for gaming videos. You can check out YouTube Gaming for yourself, by clicking here!



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