Panasonic has just unveiled the HD10’s are over-the-ear headphones, but they are high-resolution ones. You might be asking yourself, what does that mean and essentially it translates out to being able to deliver sound in very high formats, up too 50kHz. Along with this neat aspect, they feature an ergonomic design and a build that reduces vibration.

The HD10’s from Panasonic feature 50 millimeter drivers that power the sound experience, they also feature high-resolution support. They deliver low bass sounds, as well treble in a clear and smooth format. They have a multi-layer film design which reduces distortion to a minimal level. Panasonic has also for the first time gone with a PLA driver chassis which suppresses noise from the driver for a higher clarity when listening to music.

These headphones also feature an Ergonomic 3D designed ear pads for comfort and to reduce external noise. You can also detach the cord which includes integrated mobile microphone and controls.

The Panasonic RP- HD10C Over-the-Ear High Resolution Premium Headphones will arrive at some point this year, with pricing being announced closer to there release.


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