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Sling TV is not just kicking off 2016 by adding ESPN 3 to it’s Best of Live TV package, but they have a much bigger announcement. Sling TV has revamped its entire user interface and is introducing its second generation user interface. Not only does this new interface improve content discovery and create a more personalized experience, but it will be optimized for each device you are watching Sling TV on.

The new Sling TV interface will begin rolling out to all devices in a phased approach starting in the first quarter of 2016. A big new feature is that Sling TV will now tailor programing suggestions to you, based on your interests. As the new interface launches, the user interface will become aware of your viewing preference, location, device, and time of day. It can learn that you like to watch news content in the morning and reality TV at night.

Sling TV has several different navigation screens, which they are referring two as views. The first is MY TV, this is where you will be able to find your favorite content, including the most watched channels and shows. Even better you will be able to resume content that you previously started to watch but didn’t finish. As the full rollout of the user interface occurs, Sling TV will mix in hot content based on your viewing behavior, along with your favorites.

The ON NOW view will be curated based what is live on TV and will be sorted into several categories. Once again as Sling TV gets smarter, it will reorder the categories and its suggestions to what it thinks you will like best. You will also be able to see what else is on Sling TV in other packages, you will have the option to then subscribe to that channel from within the application.

The SPORTS view is in response to the fact that Sling TV customers love watching sports. It will show sports fans your favorite sports, teams, conference, and more. It will also show live and upcoming sporting games, these can also be manually filtered based on the preferences of the viewer.

The TV SHOWS view will showcase all of the currently available episode of your favorite TV shows, each in a singular view. This will also show case full collections, trending shows, and featured content. Similar to this view, is the MOVIES view which will put all live movies into one place, along with all of the on-demand content. Make no mistake, free movies and movies for rent will be clearly labeled in this view.

Overall, I am very excited about the new second generation user interface for Sling TV, it really moves the service further and I am even more eager to see what else is planned for 2016.

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