Google’s smart speaker was previewed back at I/O 16, and they left us all hanging with a promise of more information in the fall. Well earlier today at the “MadeByGoogle” event, the technology giant did just that. Pre-orders are open now for the Google Home, and it will be shipping on November 4. And even better, Google Home is just $129 which undercuts Amazon’s Echo.


You can pre-order Google Home from the Google Store, along with other retailers like BestBuy. The earliest day to get this connected smart speaker is November 4. Google Home is smaller than the Amazon Echo and is powered by the new Google Assistant.

Like past assistants, they will get better over time and can be used for anything. Google Home can control the smart elements from your home, answer questions, play music, and more. You will get six months of YouTube Red for free when you purchase Google Home.

It will need a constant connection to both power and WiFi. The setup process is done through the Google Home application on your iOS or Android device. Even though it is a small package, it has Hi-Fi speakers inside.


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