Snap is having a good 2018 for the most part; they had a solid earnings reports, are rolling out the much-discussed redesign, and partnered with NBC to live stream portions of the Olympics. And today they are expanding the Snap Map a feature that lets you see what others users are sharing from around the world to the web.

You can now scroll around the Snap Map from a web browser and looks at the featured stories for any particular area of the world. Snap is also making a point of clearing the username of those who uploaded for privacy reasons. You can also embed the Snap for any given area via an embed code. This will be especially useful for traditional bloggers and for those who create reaction list. It also is an easy way to share a Snapchat, whether it be a video or still image– we will have to see if Snap makes this available across the board.

This expansion of Snap Map comes at a time when we don’t know how many users are genuinely using it and at a time when Instagram is still competing heavily. By adding the feature to another location it could help to increase daily and monthly users–You can see the Snap Map by clicking here.


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