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AT&T has been making some waves with Digital Life, this of course their home security and home automation system. It launched a few years ago and they are available in over 80 markets, and it is available in most of New Jersey. Currently or rather before today’s announcement, you could not get Digital Life in apartments, condos, or multi-dwelling buildings. This all changes today, as AT&T has just announced that Digital Life is now available for apartments and condos.

This is not a small rollout, but as of today you can Digital Life in multi-dwelling buildings across every single market that the service is available in. There is one caveat to this rollout, Digital Life will only be available in apartments that five floors and lower. Hopefully in the future they will expand this to taller and larger buildings. AT&T also recommends talking to your property owner before signing up for Digital Life.

AT&T’s home automation and security services offer several plans, and then on top of this many different add-ons. In terms of automation you can remotely unlock or lock your doors, adjust the thermostat when you are out, and a lot of other neat tools. They also offer a full security system and have a whole team devoted to keeping your home secure.

To see if Digital Life is available in your area and for more information on the service, check out


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